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In the below video player, you'll see clips of Suzanne's work from

television and events, as well as clips from her one woman show.

A listing of descriptions is on the left.


1. Suzanne as Lucy montage: Suzanne as Lucy photos.




8. Suzanne featured in the news - reviewing her one woman show and an improv'd spot with the reporters.


9. Suzanne as Lucy as Emcee for YOUR event! For details, see the Lucy package page.

2. Suzanne's final 2 performances (of her original material) for ABC's "The Next Best Thing". She placed 4th runner-up in this nationwide talent search, and was the highest ranking female in the competition.


3. Performing at the Women In Film, Lucy Awards (for women in comedy) - playing with Tim Conway, Gary Marshall and  Rosanne Barr.


4. Clips from Suzanne's One Woman tribute show titled "An Evening With Lucille Ball".


5. TV Appearances on "The Other Side", "The Rosie O'Donnell Show" and performing as Lucy in the "Tournament of Roses Parade".


6. Suzanne recreating the famous "I Love Lucy" Grape Stomping episode with Sandy Fox as Terrisa.


7. Co-Hosting as Lucy on HSN while selling Official Lucy merchandise.


You can download Suzanne LaRusch! Suzanne is TV Land's official Lucy Ricardo on the their website !


Click the logo (l.) to go to the "sound clips" page for the "I Love Lucy" show.  Some quick samples are below to give you a taste of what you can here instead of that boring "beep" on your computer.



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